Peter Clines New Supernatural Thriller is Action-Packed Start to Finish

A model of how to write a book you can’t put down

Matt Inman
3 min readMar 1, 2022
Image from Peter Clines

I was thrilled to pick up an early copy of Peter Clines, The Broken Room. Peter is one of my favorite authors, and I jumped at the opportunity to read his latest book.

It starts with Hector Ramirez sitting at his local bar, deciding if he will get a little or a lot drunk. We surmise that he is an ex-special forces operative working daily through a bottle of anything to escape his past.

As he contemplates ordering that next drink, a little girl walks into the bar. She approaches Hector, introduces herself as Natalie, and informs him she fled a secret government facility called The Project with the help of his old partner.

The partner then led Natalie to find Hector, to call in an old favor. The same partner who subsequently has been dead for seven years. Unfortunately, Hector has little time to contemplate the girl or her situation when two suited FBI types enter and attempt to take Natalie into custody.

Hector quickly has to make a decision. Let the men take this frantic girl and continue drinking his life away or step back into a world he has been trying desperately to escape. He makes his choice, dispatches the men, and takes charge of…



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